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Eazy Scholar is one of the school management software dealers in Keonjhar. Eazy Scholar ERP, a School Management Software, specifically designed and developed to simplify the process of schools deals with all the administrative requirements of schools. Our software enable proper workflow in different departments with no errors and with a view to encourage and make positive difference in students.The paperless automation of Eazy Scholar Software provides the facility to perform all the activities of the school, making them easy, fast, efficient and accurate. We understand the importance of a software and database management system and have designed and developed our software after a technical analysis, to simple the work of the schools.



Eazy Scholar is a College management software dealers in Keonjhar and is the best ERP software solutions that is exclusively designed for the management operation of advanced colleges and universities. Our product contains many features and is incorporated with robust technologies and the software is excellent enough to deal with the required activities in these institutions.



Eazy Scholar is a school software services dealer Keonjhar well known for its cloud-based software for schools, colleges, and universities that automates all major processes of an Educational institute. We are the best school software services dealer in Keonjhar with the Educational ERP campus system that ensures management of all academic & non-academic operations and ensuring transparency across all departments.Eazy Scholar ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software gives complete control over all the major processes & activities of an Educational institute. This excellent ERP campus software tracks and manages activities of all the departments of the institute including the admin department, finance, library, HR, etc. Using this software benefits schools in progressing in all their operational activities and better growth of the schools.





Eazy Scholar College software services dealers Keonjhar helps in keep all the data securely. It reduces the problem of the colleges administration that they face while arranging odd and even semester. Our user-friendly interface and easy to operate software are compatible with any operating system and mobile devices. Eazy Scholar college software will act as a one-stop solution for college in becoming the best college institution and will enhance the administration and management.


Eazy Scholar Smart School Management ERP software Keonjhar is the best ERP for schools who want to automate all their school official activities. This complete smart school management system automatically administers different academic and non-academic activities in school making them easy, fast, efficient and accurate, giving advantage to multiple departments, prospective students, faculties, staff and others. Our smart School ERP system has been created to help every schools to manage all their academic activities in a seamless and systematic manner. Our software ensures to provide quality and result oriented solutions to all your worries of the school. Eazy Scholar affordable school management ERP software in Keonjhar will be best for your school and advantage better progress of your school activites.




Eazy Scholar College Management ERP software in Keonjhar system brings key advantages of all round digital resource management. It covers library, inventory, hostel, HRMS, gate-pass, transport and many other important things. Managing these works digitally doesn't only improve respective department efficiency but provides better experience to all the college employees.


School ERP system is an excellent end-to end solution which takes care of all the activities of school like school management, student management, administrative functions, etc., in a more efficient manner. Eazy Scholar School ERP system Keonjhar software provides user-friendly dashboards with login access for teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents and management personnel of the institution. The school management will be able to schedule exams, manage fees, track transport and children's movements, manage notifications, etc. This School ERP system in Keonjhar aims at easing administrative hassles and enhancing, efficiency and productivity. The Solution, is cloud based and supports various modern technologies such as – Online payment gateway, bio-metric, mobile apps, email alerts etc. Eazy Scholar School management software is and can be used according to the requirements of the schools.


School | College | University | Accounts Management Software Keonjhar:

Eazy Scholar College ERP system in Keonjhar is a cloud based ERP for college/university which is used by colleges as well as universities to manage their daily activities which include the management of Employees, Students, Books and Library Records, Parents details, Assignments, Admission Process, Results and Reports, Exams, Events, Attendance, Timetable, Fees and Other Reports.

Different APP Users

Students Parent's App

Teacher's App

Transport App

Schools Admin App


Eazy Scholars always aims to develop its module as the safety of the Institution comes first. Our software helps you in keeping unauthorized people away from institutional premises. Management committee should stay in complete peace of mind regarding the safety purposes and can dedicate more time on focusing on institution academic purposes.


Eazy Scholar College Automation System in Keonjhar provides one-point access to manage these wide range of activities both effectively and efficiently. Managing a college or any educational institution without a perfect software solution in the present times is painful, same in the case of any enterprises or business. Hence an appropriate solution is required which can ensure the smooth functioning of the organization as a whole, and with ERP college Management Module, this problem can simply be solved.

School Management Software as per CBSE schooling rules :

Eazy Scholars always aims to develop its module as the safety of the Institution comes first. Our software helps you in keeping unauthorized people away from institutional premises. Management committee should stay in complete peace of mind regarding the safety purposes and can dedicate more time on focusing on institution academic purposes.

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School Management Software as per CBSE schooling rules :

Manage School/Employee Payroll, Finances, and Transportation in Keonjhar for school Colleges, Institute and Universities.

Eazy Scholars always aims to develop its module as the safety of the Institution comes first. Our software helps you in keeping unauthorized people away from institutional premises. Management committee should stay in complete peace of mind regarding the safety purposes and can dedicate more time on focusing on institution academic purposes.

School Accounts Management Software Keonjhar | College | Institute | University :
Vehicle Tracking Exam (Online & Offline) Library Hostel and Canteen in Keonjhar for School | College | Institute | University :

Eazy Scholar accounts management software in Keonjhar helps in solving the complexities of discovered accounting and financial reporting and has everything all an institution business administrator requires to operate it productively, including advanced accounts related issues. Finance management is an authentic accounting arrangement solution that integrates every aspect of expansive institutional management under a module, which offers inimitable security and effectiveness of the board.

School Online Admission Software Keonjhar | College | Institute | University :

EazyScholar online management software in Keonjhar helps simplify and automate the school and college evaluation process. It helps academic institutions in evaluating the aptitude and knowledge of the students remotely by arranging online exams. Eazy Scholars offers dynamic online exam ERP software to manage end-to-end online examination processes. Nowadays, educational institutions use online examination systems to organize and conduct such large-scale academic examinations.

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School Academic Management Software Keonjhar | College | Institute | University :

Eazy Scholar School Academic management software in Keonjhar is a module that is incorporated with all the academic highlights of Education management with different learning and teaching benefits that are focused for student's result. Students can give outstanding results with the help of a well-arranged syllabus and lesson planning, which permits a healthy interaction between teachers, parents, and students.

Student Management Software KeonjharSchool | College | Institute | University :

School Payroll/ Employee Management softwareKeonjhar | College | Institute | University :

Eazy Scholar Payroll management software in Keonjhar is one of the best and important management system that manages with the process of paying employees for the services they contribute for an institution In an organization, payroll estimation rotates around all teaching and non-teaching staff. Payroll management system is an adaptable payroll calculating software that consolidates basic salary structures, bonuses and leaves, advances and considering the public authority characterized PF/Gratuity/HRA/ESI rules with the most extreme perfection.

School Finance Management software Keonjhar | College | Institute | University :

Eazy Scholar finance management software in Keonjhar tracks each financial part of your school/college operational work including cash flow, inventory control, accounts payable, and receivable just as many other key components. Finance Management includes powerful real-time analysis and advanced reporting benefits. Eazy Scholar's finance management solution improves all parts of accounting including cash management, billing, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.



Why Eazy Scholar?

Eazy Scholar, a No.1 School Management ERP Software Company in Bhubaneswar. Our aim in making an easy administrative process for schools and colleges enhancing efficiency, and productivity. Our cloud-based Educational ERP Software solutions support various modern technologies such as:- Account Management System, School & Colleges Fee Management, Academic Management System, Online Admission Process, Online Exam Management, Transport Management System, Library Management, Hostel Management System, Canteen Management Process, Placement & Training Management, etc. Eazy Scholar’s School Management Software is a necessary part of all academic institutions according to the changing educational revolution and Eazy Scholar is one of the Leading ERP Software Platforms for Academic Management System through an automated process. Eazy Scholar believes that the true Education ERP Software development of an institution is achieved when administrative and managerial activities are automated. Get associated with us to get a unique School Management ERP Software and University Management Software solution at a Reasonable Price Range.

School Transportation Management Software Keonjhar | College | Institute | University :

Eazy Scholar transport management software in Keonjhar helps in easing up the job of setting the fee amount according to various students along with various pick up and drop by the point. Eazy Scholar Transport management software deals with school transports, routes, stops, and applicable charges. It helps the institute management team for Transportation Planning, Procurement, and Route Planning and so forth It is very easy to use and makes the way toward allotting and keeping up the transports and different vehicles easier.

School Student & Vehicle Tracking / System Keonjhar | College | Institute | University :

Eazy Scholar vehicle tracking system software for school/colleges in Keonjhar helps in better Parent/Guardian information system - Now Parents and Guardians are better informed about their wards whereabouts with automatic SMS, Bulk SMS. Make communicating with parents quick, easy and hassle free while saving yourself hours of time and bags of cash Parentalert offers extensive SMS, IVRS and Auto Dialer service to schools and colleges. Using our unique SMS software, it is possible for the schools and colleges to communicate parents of students.

School Library Management software Keonjhar | College | Institute | University :

Eazy Scholar School library management software in Keonjhar solution effectively handles the support of the library media assortments including books, CDs, reports and so many alternatives for media section, creator subtleties, distributer subtleties, provider subtleties are likewise given. By utilizing this completely online library the executives' framework, the librarian can categorize books, keep monitoring the book given, submitted in time, and ones delayed.

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School Hostel Management Keonjhar | College | Institute | University :

Eazy Scholar hostel management software in Keonjhar gives the online status of room accessibility and distributions. Students get information on lease structures, healthcare, and individual consideration. Reports on participation/leave, disciplinary activity, lodging charge receipts, and so on can be created and e-makes sent aware of guardians/gatekeepers.Hostel management is answerable for the effective running of the hostel giving different alternatives. The board guarantees the insurance, prosperity, and security of the students.

School Canteen Management Keonjhar | College | Institute | University :

Eazy Scholar canteen management software in Keonjhar helps in an important part of any school or college. With a well-organized canteen, students can feel happy and enjoy their recess period without any problem and don’t have to look for any other alternative for their launch or dinner need. It allows secure and speedy transactions. It helps the institution management to handle the students by reducing the waiting time. Eazy Scholars canteen management software helps you to make the task much easy. It manages each and every aspect of the canteen module in the right way.

School Exam (Online & Offline)Management Software Keonjhar | College | Institute | University :

Eazy Scholar online & offline examination module in Keonjhar is an efficient module to conduct exams offline. We have developed our product so that it is useful for schools, colleges, institutions. An offline exam software helps Schools and colleges to conduct exams for a large number of examines at their respective labs without any internet connection. Eazy Scholar offline exam software benefits the institution to organize computer-based examinations in areas where there is not a perfect internet connection available.