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About The Client

O.P Jindal School, Angul

O.P. Jindal School, situated in Angul, is widely renowned for its outstanding academic standards. Affiliated with Delhi, the school has efficiently managed its school activities using its exclusive online software. However, a new challenge arose when the school decided to expand its campus to various locations in Angul.


O.P. Jindal School facing problems for Academic, HR, and Payroll, Exam management

O.P. Jindal School, a prestigious educational institution affiliated with Delhi and located in Angule, initially relied on its own online software to manage its school activities. However, they encountered challenges when they decided to expand their campuses to different locations in Angule. They approached us with their primary concern: the need to effectively control and manage their school campuses spread across various locations. O.P. Jindal School sought a solution to reduce expenses associated with physical files and paper used for managing school work. Their objective was to streamline processes such as online admissions, HR and payroll management, fees management, and academic management by synchronizing all school data onto a single online portal, enabling easy access and analysis. Additionally, O.P. Jindal School aimed to enhance communication between the school and parents and requested integration capabilities. The school also faced challenges in managing the collection of cash fees from thousands of students, generating fee-related reports, and preparing Progress Cards that align with different examination patterns used in O.P. Jindal School, such as those for the State Board and the CBSE Board.


Eazyscholar solve out Academic, HR, and Payroll, Exam management for O.P. Jindal School

Introducing the Web-Based Eazyscholar School Management Software: We have implemented a comprehensive web-based solution for school management software to assist O.P. Jindal School in achieving its objectives. Our main focus was to overcome the challenges they faced in managing and monitoring various school activities from any location. To address these challenges, we introduced the Web-Based Eazyscholar School Management Software, which includes both a web and app interface. This solution enables seamless administration of tasks such as online admissions, exam management, HR and payroll management, fees management, and academic management.

By implementing our software, O.P. Jindal School can now effectively manage and monitor their school activities from anywhere. The web-based platform provides convenient access to the software, enabling administrators to handle tasks with ease. Additionally, the app-based interface offers flexibility and accessibility on mobile devices.

With the Eazyscholar School Management Software in place, O.P. Jindal School can efficiently manage online admissions, simplifying the enrollment process for students and parents. The software also streamlines HR and payroll management, ensuring accurate and timely processing of staff-related tasks. Moreover, the fee management feature facilitates easy tracking and collection of fees, enhancing financial management within the school. Lastly, the software's academic management capabilities enable effective monitoring of student progress and performance.

To efficiently handle fee collection and deposits, we have implemented the fee folio module, enabling accurate management of financial transactions. Additionally, we customized the software to fulfill O.P. Jindal School's requirement for separate student ID cards.

As a result of these implementations, O.P. Jindal School now has the ability to effectively control all its campuses from a single location, ensuring efficient operations and management. Our Web-Based Eazyscholar School Management Software provides a robust solution to streamline administrative tasks and improve overall efficiency.


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