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Coaching Class Management ERP

Eazy Scholar coaching class management is a smart, secure, and Complete Coaching class Management ERP Software in Bhubaneswar. Our Coaching ERP with comprehensive features includes Inquiry Management, Student Management, Fees Management, Account management, Online-Exam, Offline Exam Result Entry, Attendance Management, Daily activity Reports, Lecture Schedule, Customized role wise Dashboards, and more. Our customized modules will automate your day-to-day coaching class management activities. Eazy Scholar coaching class management ERP is best for small coaching centers, medium coaching centers, and multi-branch coaching centers.

Benefits Of Eazy Scholar Coaching Management ERP

Technology-enabled learning will increase your market reach.
The communication will be easier and faster.
Reduces your administration burden, increases focus on teaching.
Reports for a complete analysis of your revenue.
Save money by reducing time and increases productivity.
Reduces mistakes that happen in paper-work.
Increase student, teacher, and parent engagement.
Streamline workflow and process of coaching institutes.


Eazy scholar is a Coaching class management software in Bhubaneswar which is used for easy academic and administration purposes of all Institutions. Records like student admission details, fee structure of different courses,details of teaching staff, accounts, transport etc., can be obtained in a structured manner easily. It is web-based software which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Eazy scholar ERP software can be used in coaching centers and institutions where there is a necessity of proper management, Eazyscholar is the best to use there. The Eazy Scholar ERP software is used for small, medium-sized and large Institutions.

Eazy Scholar is one of the most appreciated and scalable coaching class management software in Bhubaneswar providing advanced features. Designed and developed with years of research and experience, this software is easy to use and contains several modules. User-friendly interface and with affordable budget are two factors making it one of the best ERP after software in Bhubaneswar.

Yes. Our software is designed to generates report, and it gives option to user to convert it into PDF or Excel format.

No. Eazy Scholar always believe in making long-term relationship with our clients and therefore never hide any details from them.

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