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Eazy Scholar can provide in your premier online library management system software that our offers a user-friendly platform, enabling effortless cataloging, organizing, and retrieval of resources. With EazyScholar, libraries can efficiently manage book acquisitions, track inventory, and automate lending processes. This dynamic system boasts customizable features, including user permissions, reporting tools, and intuitive interfaces for patrons and administrators. Seamlessly accessible from any device, EazyScholar ensures a hassle-free experience for librarians and users alike. Elevate your library's efficiency and accessibility with EazyScholar – the comprehensive solution for modernizing library management.

By utilizing this fully online library management system, librarians can effectively categorize books and keep track of issued and returned items, ensuring timely returns and identifying overdue materials. Eazyscholar’s software simplifies the process of maintaining and organizing library data. It enables even libraries with extensive book and magazine collections to transform into well-structured repositories of information. Moreover, implementing the Library Management System helps reduce the expensive costs associated with maintaining a physical library.


Best Library Management Software

  Multi–library management

The organization can manage multiple libraries in a single software. The interface of library management software is so easy to use. The entire liberty data can be managed smoothly.

  Take the penalty of book

Schools can effectively manage penalty charges for overdue books, ensuring timely returns. Additionally, alerts can be sent to parents as reminders, promoting accountability and prompt book returns.

  Easy Book Search and Retrieval

Eazyscholar ERP Software offers users the ability to easily search for books. With advanced search options based on title, author, subject, or keywords, manual searching time is significantly reduced, enhancing overall efficiency.

  Library Attendance

Library management software provides a streamlined solution for tracking student attendance, organized by class and division. This facilitates efficient management and record-keeping of attendance data in a structured manner.

  Reporting and Analytics

Eazyscholar offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities, empowering librarians to gain valuable insights into library usage, resource popularity, and other essential metrics. This enables data-driven decision-making and enhanced library management.

  Availability of book online

Students can conveniently check the availability of books through the mobile application. They can view the status of books, such as whether they are available, borrowed, or reserved, enhancing accessibility and facilitating informed borrowing decisions.

Online Library Management System


Best Online Library Management System Software


Digital Resource Management

Eazyscholar ERP software simplifies digital resource management for educational institutions with centralized access, database integration, copyright compliance, user authentication, usage analytics, and LMS integration.

Automated Cataloguing and Classification

Automated cataloguing and classification in Eazyscholar ERP software streamline library management, saving time, ensuring accuracy, enhancing search, and integrating with online catalogues for broader access.

Mobile App Support

Mobile app support in Eazyscholar ERP software enables convenient access to library resources, personalized features, barcode scanning for self-checkouts, and seamless integration with digital content, enhancing user accessibility and engagement.

Integration with RFID Technology

Eazyscholar ERP seamlessly integrates with RFID technology, enabling automated check-in/check-out, efficient inventory management, enhanced security, and quick resource location/tracking, improving library operations and user experiences.


Library Management ERP software is a comprehensive system designed to automate and streamline various library operations. It includes features like cataloguing, circulation, acquisitions, resource management, patron management, reporting, and more.

The benefits of using Library Management ERP software include efficient cataloguing and organization of library resources, streamlined circulation processes, improved patron services, accurate inventory management, simplified reporting, and data analysis.

The key features of Library Management ERP software typically include cataloguing and classification, circulation management, patron management, acquisitions and budget management, interlibrary loan management, reporting and analytics, and integration with other systems.

Yes, most Library Management ERP software systems are designed to handle multiple libraries or branches. They often include features for centralized administration and provide the ability to manage and track resources across different locations.

many Library Management ERP software solutions offer integration capabilities. They can integrate with systems like RFID technology, self-checkout machines, digital content providers, authentication systems, and more. Integration helps to streamline processes and enhance the overall library experience.

Library Management ERP software provides tools to Catalog and organize various resources such as books, journals, multimedia, and digital content. It allows librarians to enter detailed metadata, track circulation history, manage serials and subscriptions, handle digital resources, and ensure accurate inventory management.

Library Management ERP software typically includes features for patron management. It allows librarians to maintain patron records, track borrowing history, manage membership details, issue library cards, set borrowing privileges, and communicate with patrons.

most Library Management ERP software systems provide reporting and analytics features. They generate various reports related to circulation, resource utilization, overdue items, acquisitions, and more. These reports help librarians make informed decisions and optimize library operations.

software vendors usually offer training and support services for Library Management ERP software. They provide initial training to library staff for system implementation and ongoing support for technical issues, software updates, and troubleshooting.

many Library Management ERP software solutions offer customization options. Libraries can tailor the software to meet their specific requirements by configuring settings, modifying workflows, adding custom fields, and adapting the system to their unique organizational structure.

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