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Some Excellent Features Of Eazy Scholar ERP Software

Complete ERP Solution For School

Eazy Scholar School management ERP software is one of the most dedicated School Management Software which ensures smooth functioning of the day-to-day school administrations and academic functions.

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Complete ERP Solution For College

Eazy Scholar college Management ERP software is an appreciated solution for universities to improve institutional outcomes by automating campus administration.

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Module APP For Teacher, Parents And Students

Eazy Scholar Module app for teacher students and parents creates connectivity between students, parents and student's class teacher.

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Platform Wise Management Exam & Class (LMS)

Eazy Scholar ERP gives you opportunity to arrange entire online exam, result declaration in a paperless manner with hall ticket and report card generation.

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Why Eazy Scholar?

Eazy Scholar School Management ERP aims in making an easy administrative process for schools and colleges enhancing efficiency, and productivity. Our cloud-based ERP solution supports various modern technologies such as – Online payment processes, online exams, biometric, easy transport system, email alerts, SMS alerts, etc. School management software is a necessary part for all academic institutions according to the changing educational revolution and Eazy Scholar is the best platform for the administrative process of the institution through an automated process. Eazy Scholar believes that the true development of an institution are achieved when administrative and managerial activities are automated. Get associated with us to get a unique school management ERP software in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Benefits of using Eazy Scholar school and college management ERP software:

The need to digitalize school and college administrative processes is necessary. We at Eazy Scholar helps growing schools and colleges to go digital in an effortless manner. We put all our effort to design and develop powerful solutions and help you to revolutionize your digital journey. We are always ready to help you with your queries 24*7.

  • Empower efficiency teaching with interactive learning modules.
  • Generation of e-reports reducing the manual paper-works.
  • Easy tracking of all students of the institution in academics.
  • Control the library management and its accessibility and circulation.
  • Enhance and optimize the school and college website.
  • Reduce the manual work of institute administration. Eazy Scholar ERP will automate everything.
  • Get the detailed transparent report of the functioning of the school and college.
  • Update parents about their children performance through communication modes such as SMS, mobile applications, and email.

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user Archana Das Jan 28, 2021

Library Management Software In Bhubaneswar

Library Management solution has been made easier by Eazy scholar through our software.

Eazy Scholar library management software in Bhubaneswar helps in maintaining the books efficiently in your library, track the books records that are issued and returned, manage and track all library-related activities with our excellent library management software module.Our software allows you to manage all your library functions from a single solution. We are one of the top library management service providers in Odisha such as Cuttack, Koraput, Berhampur, Khordha, Rourkela, Balasore, etc. The School and College Library Management System benefits you to add multiple copies for a single book so that the same can be issued for different students at the same time as per the stock available in the library. Using our library management software librarians will have ease of access while adding all the databases for all books in the library management module. So, instead of making a single book-entry multiple times library management software helps the librarian to make multiple book entries in a single time and also saves time and increases productivity. Our library management software in Bhubaneswar aims to provide schools and colleges with a platform to improve their library department by developing a School and library Management software module.

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Online Admission Software In Bhubaneswar

Online Admission Software or Admission Management Software has become one of the most necessary part for running an educational institution today.

Since COVID-19, many schools and colleges are facing admission problem due to not having online admission software. All, schools and colleges have started adopting new ways of operating digital teaching operations and Eazy Scholar online admission software in Bhubaneswar is the best to use.
Now as schools around the Odisha are heading to plan for completing the current academic year and plan for smooth operations of next year, with end to end online admission process. Running the same old offline form based admission become time consuming.
Paperless admission solution by Eazy Scholar is becoming the most preferred and efficient way for many schools and colleges in Odisha to bring a new model of digital admissions. It not only improve efficiency of the administration department but also provides positive impressions to parents who are looking for enrolling their kids to the school.
Eazy Scholar Online Admission Software is designed and developed in a unique way to cover the needs of all kinds of educational organisations for operating a smooth paperless admissions process. Eazy Scholar online admission software in Bhubaneswar aims to provide all schools and colleges a benefit to do their admission process online through its power software at affordable price.

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Online School management system in Bhubaneswar

Eazy Scholar's online school management system in Bhubaneswar helps in reducing School and college staff workload.

Our innovative design and development solution is aiming at providing the best online School management system in Bhubaneswar features and easy administrative operation to all schools. Our experienced team is with a deep-rooted experience towards delivering value to our clients. Our school management system creates an environment between students, teachers, and parents. With strong expertise in School management, and ways to improvise our software has helped us create the best School Management System. Managing day to day activities such as attendance marking, Alerts through SMS, fees payment reminders, parent-teacher notifications helps in easy school operations. This is one of the reasons why every single team member in Eazy Scholar has some experience in the School Management Process and this is the main reason why we give huge effort into optimizing the School Management ERP Software.

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Eazy Scholar School ERP software is an automated and trusted educational ERP system integrated with the advanced modules to enable admins& educators to digitize the daily work processes of Schools.

Eazy Scholar School ERP software is an automated and trusted educational ERP system integrated with the advanced modules to enable admins& educators to digitize the daily work processes of Schools. Also known to as a school management system, our smart school ERP software simplifies the complex administrative & non-administrative works of schools including online admission, online fees management, examination managementassessments, timetable, schedule planning, reports, hostel management etc. Using Eazy Scholar ERP schools will be benefited and the our school management system is the best in terms of improving productivity, efficiency & ROI. Our School management software is a system designed to manage all the operational work of schools and institutions. It has many modules that will help teachers and staff to maintain student activities like daily- wise attendance, timetable management, manage academic records, fees management, student assessments, etc.

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Eazy Scholar school ERP have one centralized system, which keeps, maintains and updates all the activities related to your schools.

Eazy Scholar school ERP have one centralized system, which keeps, maintains and updates all the activities related to your schools. Our ERP software have simplification of complex business processes for taking active decisions and total control over every issue, related to planning, implementation and review of the administration of your schools making it one of the best School ERP service provider in Bangalore. Once you start growing, it's really amazing to handle all activities of Students as well as Employees in one software. So the Eazy Scholar School ERP Software will simplify the process of each and every aspect of a School, be it Admission, Transport, Examination, Library, Robust Time Table, HR & Payroll and completely designed as per CBSE and ICSE mediums. School in Bangalore are moving towards automation, you face few usual obstacles, such as Cost, Extra Man Hours Deployed To Customize ERP, Weird Processes of the Application etc. There Eazy Scholar School ERP Software saves you against these usual worries and gives the best Return of Investment (ROI).

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Eazy Scholar college automation system is well known for its cloud-based software for schools, colleges, and universities that automates all major processes of an Educational institute.

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Eazy scholar ERP is about much more than Software. So if your are looking for school ERP automation software providers vendor in Bhubaneswar then Eazy Scholar is the most appreciated school, college management software integrated with mobile apps for students, parents, teachers and management. This ERP Software in Bhubaneswar is one of the best school software out on the market.

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School ERP automation software providers dealers in Bhubaneswar

School ERP automation software providers dealers in Bhubaneswar

School ERP Software is a platform helps in managing the day to day academic and administrative activities from a single platform. Eazy Scholar provides user-friendly dashboards with login access for teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents, and management personnel of your institution.

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Today, everyone understands the importance of education and wants to give their kids the best education for their future...

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