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The Inquiry Management System is an essential module within a school management, college management, and university management ERP, and Eazyscholar offers a highly convenient and satisfactory solution with its inquiry management module. Designed specifically for educational institutions, this module efficiently handles all tasks related to student inquiries. It ensures the monitoring of information duplicity and maintains the status of each provided inquiry. By collecting information from online and offline sources in an organized manner, this software simplifies access to information as and when required.

The Eazyscholar’s Inquiry Management Module is designed to streamline and optimize the institution's inquiry processes. It provides a centralized system where all inquiries are managed, ensuring that no information is lost or overlooked. The module helps track and manage inquiries from various channels, such as website forms, phone calls, emails, or walk-ins, ensuring that every inquiry is promptly addressed.

One of the key advantages of the Inquiry Management Module is its ability to prevent the duplication of information. By systematically organizing and storing inquiries, the module eliminates the risk of entering redundant data or duplicating efforts. This ensures that each inquiry is handled efficiently and avoids confusion or misinformation. Moreover, the module maintains the status of each inquiry, allowing administrators to track its progress and provide timely responses. This feature enables efficient follow-up with prospective students, ensuring that their inquiries are attended to promptly and professionally.


  Inquiry Capture

TheERP software allows institutions to capture inquiries from various sources, such as walk-ins, phone calls, emails, and website forms. It ensures that no inquiry is missed and all information is recorded accurately.

  Inquiry Tracking

Eazyscholar enables the tracking and monitoring of inquiries throughout the entire ERP admission process. Each inquiry is assigned a unique identifier, and the system maintains a comprehensive record of interactions, follow-ups, and status updates.

  Lead Management

The ERP software helps in effectively managing leads generated from inquiries. It provides tools for lead classification, prioritization, and nurturing. Institutions can assign leads to specific staff members for personalized follow-ups.

  Communication and Notifications

Eazyscholar facilitates seamless communication with prospective students. It enables sending automated email or SMS notifications to keep applicants updated about important dates, deadlines, documents required, and any other relevant information.

  Application and Document Management

The ERP software provides an application management module for online form submission by applicants. It securely collects and stores applicant data, while also supporting document management for uploading necessary documents.

  Automation and Workflow Management

The ERP software automates routine tasks like sending acknowledgments, reminders, and notifications, saving time and reducing administrative burden. It enables workflow definition and approval processes, ensuring seamless operations and efficient task management.



Application Review and Evaluation

Eazyscholar ERP software streamlines educational administration with features like inquiry management, student enrolment, academic management, financial management, and communication tools. It enhances efficiency and improves communication.

Integration and Customization

Eazyscholar ERP software enables seamless integration with existing systems and allows customization to meet the unique needs of educational institutions, enhancing compatibility and workflow efficiency.

Customization and Scalability

Eazyscholar ERP software offers robust customization options, allowing educational institutions to tailor the software to their specific needs and workflows. It also provides scalability to accommodate growth and evolving requirements.

Centralized Database

Eazyscholar ERP software utilizes a centralized database, providing educational institutions with efficient data management, improved accuracy and integrity, enhanced security, and seamless integration and reporting capabilities.

Integration with Other Modules

Eazyscholar ERP software seamlessly integrates with other modules, streamlining workflows, promoting real-time data synchronization, enhancing collaboration, and enabling comprehensive reporting and analysis within educational institutions.

Automated Communication

Eazyscholar ERP software incorporates automated communication features to streamline information exchange in educational institutions, ensuring timely delivery, personalized messaging, event reminders, and efficient feedback processes.


Inquiry Management ERP software is a system that helps organizations manage and streamline their inquiry management process. It allows businesses to track and manage inquiries from customers, prospects, and partners, ensuring efficient handling and timely responses.

Inquiry Management ERP software often includes features such as inquiry tracking, automated response generation, lead management, contact management, document management, task assignment and tracking, reporting and analytics, integration with other systems, and customizable workflows.

Implementing Inquiry Management ERP software can provide several benefits, including improved inquiry response time, increased customer satisfaction, enhanced lead conversion rates, better collaboration among team members, streamlined inquiry tracking and management, and improved overall efficiency in handling inquiries.

Yes, Inquiry Management ERP software can be beneficial for small businesses as well. It helps them centralize and organize their inquiries, automate processes, and improve customer interactions. The software can be scaled according to the needs of the business, making it a suitable solution for organizations of different sizes.

Yes, most Inquiry Management ERP software offers integration capabilities with other systems such as customer relationship management (CRM) software, email marketing platforms, project management tools, and communication tools. This integration ensures seamless data flow and enhances the overall efficiency of inquiry management.

Yes, many Inquiry Management ERP software solutions offer customization options. You can tailor the software to match your organization's specific inquiry management processes, workflows, and branding requirements. Customization options may include creating custom fields, defining workflows, and configuring user roles and permissions.

Inquiry Management ERP software prioritizes data security and often implements robust security measures. This includes encryption of sensitive information, access controls, regular backups, and adherence to data protection regulations. It's important to choose a reputable vendor and discuss their security practices to ensure the protection of your data.

Yes, Inquiry Management ERP software typically provides reporting and analytics capabilities. You can generate reports on various metrics, such as inquiry volume, response time, conversion rates, and team performance. These insights help in evaluating the effectiveness of inquiry management processes and making data-driven decisions.

Most Inquiry Management ERP software vendors offer training and support to help users understand the software's features and functionalities. This may include documentation, tutorials, online resources, and customer support channels such as email or phone. Some vendors also provide implementation assistance to ensure a smooth transition.

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