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SMS has become a widely used communication medium, providing valuable services. EazyScholar has developed an SMS alert system for schools, offering a cost-effective method of quickly disseminating information to students, teachers, and parents. Many companies, both public and private, are reducing costs by replacing letters and brochures with text messages, benefiting both their budgets and the environment. One of the major advantages of SMS Marketing is its potential when integrated into marketing campaigns. EazyScholar's integrated SMS system provides a customized solution with exceptional features. Parents receive timely notifications about fee due dates, exam schedules, PT meetings, and student absences. Integrating the SMS system with the school's ERP system enables parents to stay informed about their child's academic progress. The convenient features make EazyScholar's SMS system an effective communication medium.


Email is now a popular form of communication that offers Useful services. EazyScholar has created an email alert system for Schools that provides a practical way to swiftly inform students, instructors, and parents. In order to save money and protect the environment, a large number of businesses, both public and private, are switching from physical mailing like letters and pamphlets to electronic messaging. Email marketing's potential for use in marketing campaigns is one of its main advantages. The integrated email system offered by EazyScholar offers a unique solution with top-notch functionality. Parents are Promptly informed of the dates of fees, exam times, PT sessions, and student absences. Parents can stay updated thanks to The integration of the email system and the school's ERP system.


Assignment Reminders

Eazyscholar SMS sends automated notifications for homework, ensuring students and parents stay on track.

Customizable Templates

Personalized templates enable schools to ensure consistent and professional communication with ease.

Festival and birthday greetings

can be sent from the school, including for occasions such as Dussehra, Diwali, New Year, Christmas, and more.

A message scheduler

can be set up to automatically send messages without any manual intervention.

Customized messages

can be tailored to meet specific requirements as per your needs.

Parents can be notified

regarding outstanding fees to ensure timely payment and clear communication.

Instant Messaging & Announcements

enables schools to communicate quickly and effectively with parents and students.

Efficient attendance tracking

Eazyscholar SMS enables teachers to mark attendance and sends real-time notifications to parents, enhancing communication.


former students who have graduated can also receive updates and important information from the school administration.

Effortless Parent-Teacher Communication

Eazyscholar SMS enables direct messaging, fostering collaboration, feedback, and academic support.

Urgent notice

Important messages regarding rain alerts, transportation disruptions, or class cancellations broadcasted to staff, parents, and students.

Student Activities

including homework, sports, cultural events, and achievements, can be communicated and shared with the students.



  Strengthening Parental Bond and Transparency

  Smooth Communication to Avoid Disruptions

  Voice SMS Saves Daily Reading Time

  Reduce expenses, time, and energy

  Easily Top-Up Messages as Needed. Transaction History of SMS Maintained

  Customization of Software to Meet Your Requirements

  Elimination of Language Barrier for Certain Parents through Audio Mode

  Branding School Name as Sender's Name, Not Phone Number

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