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Barbil Jindal School, Keonjhar

Barbil Jindal School, situated in Keonjhar, is widely recognized for its outstanding educational standards. Affiliated with Delhi, the school had successfully utilized its dedicated Online software to effectively manage various school activities. However, a new challenge arose when the school resolved to establish additional campuses in different locations within Keonjhar.


Jindal School facing issues management of all department operations manually .

At the outset, Barbil Jindal School, a renowned institution in Keonjhar with connections to Delhi, initially relied on Online software to oversee its academic operations. However, as the school expanded to include multiple campuses throughout Keonjhar, they encountered challenges in efficiently managing and coordinating these dispersed locations. To address this issue, Barbil Jindal School approached us for assistance in developing a practical solution to effectively manage and organize their diverse school sites.

The primary objective of Barbil Jindal School was to streamline administrative processes and reduce costs associated with file processing, account and fee management, academic and exam management, online admissions, payroll management, and website administration. They aimed to consolidate all educational data into a centralized location that would facilitate easy access and analysis. Additionally, they sought to enhance communication with parents by utilizing student ID cards integrated with advanced technology. The school faced various difficulties, including managing cash fees from a substantial student population, generating comprehensive fee-related reports, organizing and supervising academic activities, handling account and fee management, efficiently managing online admissions, tracking transportation buses, conducting seamless exam management, ensuring accurate payroll processing, effective employee management, maintaining the library, and preparing progress cards tailored to the different examination patterns used by both the State Board and (CBSE) Board.


EasyScholar offers comprehensive campus management solutions for Jindal School

Introducing the Web-Based Eazyscholar School Management Software: We are excited to present the Eazyscholar School Management Software, a comprehensive web-based solution designed to empower Barbil Jindal School in achieving its objectives. This innovative software addresses various challenges faced by the school, providing efficient management, GPS tracking of transportation buses, and real-time monitoring of mobile phone and website operations from anywhere, at any time. It offers robust functionalities for account management, fee management, academic management, online admissions, exam administration, payroll management, and employee management, making it a powerful and all-inclusive tool for Barbil Jindal School.

By centralizing all school data on a secure online portal, Barbil Jindal School gains unparalleled access to real-time information, facilitating accurate decision-making and streamlining processes. The Eazyscholar mobile app, specifically customized for Android platforms, bridges the communication gap between the school and parents, enabling seamless and efficient interaction through instant notifications, promoting active engagement, and fostering collaboration. To further enhance fee management, our fee folio module simplifies the collection and depositing of fees for Barbil Jindal School. Additionally, we offer customization options to meet the school's specific requirements for student ID cards. With Eazyscholar, Barbil Jindal School achieves centralized control over all its campuses, significantly improving operational efficiency. The software streamlines administrative tasks, facilitates seamless data management, and empowers the institution to optimize resources effectively. By leveraging our comprehensive solution, Barbil Jindal School now operates more efficiently, ensuring uninterrupted communication, precise fee management, and synchronized data across all campuses.


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