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About The Client

DM Public School, Bhubaneswar

DM Public School, situated in Bhubaneswar, is widely acclaimed for its exceptional standards. The school, affiliated with Delhi, had effectively managed its school activities using its proprietary Online software. However, a new challenge arose when the school determined to extend its campus to various locations within Bhubaneswar.


DM Public School facing problems for Fee collections and Online Admission management

DM Public School, a prestigious educational institution affiliated with Delhi and located in Bhubaneswar, was using its own Online software to manage school activities. However, they encountered difficulties when the school decided to expand to multiple locations within Bhubaneswar.

To address the challenges of managing multiple campuses, DM Public School sought a solution from our team. Their main objective was to reduce expenses associated with physical file management. They needed a system that could synchronize all school data onto a secure online portal, allowing easy access and analysis from a central location. Additionally, the school wanted to improve communication with parents, address fee management and online admission issues, and efficiently handle the collection of cash fees from a large student population.

DM Public School also faced the challenge of generating fee-related reports and preparing progress cards tailored to the different online admission patterns used by the State Board and CBSE Board.


Eazyscholar Problem solve out Fee and Online Admission management for DM Public School

To assist DM Public School in achieving its goals, we offered a comprehensive web-based school management software solution. Our objective was to address the challenges they faced in managing and monitoring their school's activities across different locations and time zones. By implementing our Eazyscholar School Management Software, which is accessible through both web and mobile applications, DM Public School successfully synchronized all its school data onto an online portal.

To bridge the communication gap between the school and parents, we provided the Eazyscholar mobile application, available on Android platforms. This application facilitated seamless interaction and engagement, enhancing communication and collaboration.

In order to streamline the online admission and fee collection process, we implemented the fee folio module, ensuring efficient management and secure bank deposits. We also customized our solution to meet the specific needs of DM Public School.

As a result of our integrated software, DM Public School now enjoys centralized control over all its campuses, enabling effective and efficient management from a single location.


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